/EINPresswire.com/ Installing hardwood flooring takes less time to clean. This allows Toronto families to have healthier indoor air and more time to spend with each other. The Hardwood Flooring Store offers an enormous selection of quality hardwood flooring at affordable prices.

Homes with hardwood flooring in Toronto are easier to keep clean, take less time to clean and have healthier indoor air than homes with carpet or other flooring. The Hardwood Flooring Store offers homeowners in and around the Toronto area an excellent choice of engineered hardwood flooring and installation options within any budget.

People want to deep clean their homes in the spring. When the air outside becomes warmer, windows are opened and dusty corners are revealed, but people don’t want to spent time inside cleaning. Busy homeowners who are looking for flooring options that don’t take long to clean or maintain should consider hardwood flooring installation.

How to clean hardwood floors? Here’s how to maintain hardwood floors:
• Immediately wipe up spills
• Vacuum or sweep twice a week
• Once a month wipe the surface of the hardwood floor with Anderson cleaner applied to a cloth. Dry the surface with a soft cloth.

Ron Ander, President and General Manager of the Hardwood Flooring Store states, “There are many different species and finishes of hardwood flooring that are very easy to maintain: maple is naturally resistant to moisture, hickory is great for high traffic areas. There are so many different types of easy to maintain wood that make great floors, depending on your situation. The one thing that all hardwood flooring has in common is it’s easy to clean.”

Cleaning hardwood floors is so simple and safe. There is no need to use harsh chemicals, oil soaps or ammonia cleaners, which are unsafe for the environment and can irritate eyes, nose and throat.

Anyone looking to update their flooring with a healthy, easy to clean option will benefit from contacting the knowledgeable staff at the Hardwood Flooring Store, serving the Toronto, Markham, Burlington, Oakville and Hamilton areas.

The Hardwood Flooring Store specializes in engineered hardwood flooring and installation in Toronto and surrounding area. Find affordable quality hardwood flooring in dozens of species, colours and widths.

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