/EINPresswire.com/ Print Pelican discusses key facts about post card marketing that many overlook.

Post cards are far more multifaceted than many would assume. In addition to sending greetings from across the miles, these tools are excellent materials for marketing that can be used in the marketing campaigns of practically any small business, corporate entity, or organization. Most people are familiar with the use of post cards in marketing but do not recognize the full range of benefits they offer. The following are five heavily overlooked facts about post cards that no marketer should overlook.

• They cost only pennies – Post cards cost pennies on the dollar to not only print, but also to mail out. They are actually less expensive than regular mailings in terms of postage, earning the distinction as being one of the most inexpensive marketing tools around.
• People actually read them in most cases – Most people actually read post cards because unlike items in envelopes, the open format in which information is displayed entices recipients to at least glance at it first even if planning to throw it out.
• They can easily be shared – Post cards are lightweight and easy to store or pass along to others who may find benefit in their message.
• They are difficult to imitate – With custom made post cards, it is not easy for others to copy one’s ideas, because of the personal touch added to them.
• They do not warrant a wait time before being sent out – Some marketing initiatives entail a wait period whether one has to wait until it is the best day to catch a target audience online, or other “right time” to implement a strategy. With post cards, they can be sent out and begin performing hot off the press.

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