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Everyone has something to say and whether they write it on a blog, publish an online press release or print it in the newspaper, their words have no impact unless someone reads them. Today we’ll discuss the benefits of using press releases to reach an audience and how to amplify them with social media.

What are the benefits to an online press release?

Not that many years ago press releases were much more difficult to deliver to the public. A company would draft up the news, then send the article via email or fax to multiple editors at both print and online news sources. This process was long, time consuming and often produced little results.

Today, press release can be distributed to hundreds of news sites with the click of a mouse. Online press release distribution companies like Submit Press Release 123, Online PR Media and PR Web make it simple to put a press release on top news sites. In an instant the press release can be indexed in Google News and posted to CNN Money, Chron, SF Gate and others.

This is a cost effective and time efficient way of disseminating news online. The touble is that journalists are not reading internet news tabloids for their article ideas.

To reach a journalist with a press release use Social Media!

Sounds easy, right? That’s because it is. Once you have a link to a press release all it takes is a few more steps to put it in front of journalists. Lots of reporters and bloggers are currently using Twitter. (To help you search for specific contacts MuckRack has helpful tools.) Send messages to journalists with the link to your press release in a new-school “pitch” format.

What is great about using social media to pitch a journalist is that they can check out who you are, what your company is about and how influential you may be just by viewing your social profiles. This makes it easy for reporters to know who is the real deal. Those with press worthy social identities will reap the benefits.

After journalist and blogger outreach, don’t forget your customers. Press releases should also be posted to the company Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ pages to keep the general public informed of recent happenings.

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