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Emergency rooms can be a very chaotic environment, which makes it a challenge for physicians to contemplate the right course of treatment for patients with the same allotted time frame other doctors have. In spite of these challenges; however, doctors who practice in emergency room settings are not excused from delivering a reasonable standard of care to patients, and mistakes made that lead to patient injury may constitute medical malpractice.

In accordance with the laws of many states, emergency room errors may fit into the category of medical malpractice if:

• There is the existence of a doctor-patient relationship

• Treatment provided to the patient in the emergency room involved negligence

• And the negligence resulted in the patient being harmed

Emergency room doctors who fail in their duty to provide the appropriate standard of care may be considered to be in breach of this duty when patients are harmed by their actions, or in some cases inaction. A number of actions may constitute this type of breach of duty including misdiagnosing a condition, prescribing the wrong type of medication, misreading test results, and other acts often linked to serious external factors such as overcrowded emergency rooms, understaffing, and fatigued overworked medical staff.

Injured patients may be able to pursue legal compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages they have been left with as a result of an emergency room error. The Life Care Solutions Group is one resource where those in this predicament can turn to for help in assessing their legal options. The group is also available for those who have questions about a medical dilemma and don’t know where to turn.

Individuals who have been injured as a result of an emergency room error may contact the Life Care Solutions Group today for more information on how to receive help.

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