09/30/2013 (press release: paradigmlife) // Salt Lake City, Utah, United States // Daniel Torsak

Paradigm Life, the leading expert in the Infinite Banking Concept, has released a new version of their online Infinite Banking 101 course that will bring you infinite financial freedom. Easily and simply. Now you can revolutionize how you use your money; borrow money, without a lending institution; and have all the security of a high cash value, whole life insurance policy. Think of it as a policy that not only pays out “death benefits” but provides life benefits, too!

Simply stated, the Infinite Banking Concept is a strategy for creating a dividend-paying whole life insurance policy from some of the oldest financial institutions in the USA. These are “mutual” companies that are, actually, owned by the policyholders.

The Infinite Banking Concept is not a new idea. In fact, it was conceived over 100 years ago and written about in a best-selling book, “Becoming Your Own Banker: Unlock the Infinite Banking Concept,” by R. Nelson Nash, about 15 years ago. Today, The Wells Fargo Bank, Bank of America, General Electric, Comcast, JP Morgan Chase, CBS Corp., Wal-Mart and a host of other leading corporations hold billions of dollars in similar cash value insurance policies.

But it wasn’t until Paradigm Life dedicated their experience and their expertise, in fact, dedicated their entire business platform to explaining and implementing one of the industry’s most financially-sound life insurance strategies, that The Infinite Banking Concept has begun to take hold.

And it wasn’t until right now that Infinite Banking 101 makes the strategy accessible to everyone. No sales pressure, no appointments, no waiting. Just everything you need to learn how to accumulate wealth and how to grow it; for personal, business, investment and real estate uses, just to name a few.

Paradigm Life specializes in The Infinite Banking Concept – this is all we do. You’re the bank, we’re the banking system. We are the experts in structuring these systems to meet your needs. The more you know, the more we can help you. You’re never too young, you’re never too small and there’s never been a better time to get started than right now.

Register for our online “Infinite 101” self-study guide at www.ParadigmLife.net . It’s FREE, it’s all the basic information you need to get started.

Then contact us at [email protected] or call us at 1-800-870-8670

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