09/30/2013 // 1-800 Car Wreck // Eberstein & Witherite // (press release)

The risk of heatstroke is high for children who are left in hot vehicles even for a relatively short period of time. Many parents and caregivers develop routines that involve transporting their kids from home to school to sports events and other places day to day. In many cases, one must digress from their daily routine and leave the task of getting their child where they need to go in the hands of a spouse, partner or other person they trust. Sadly; however, a change in routine has in a number of instances led to one forgetting that a child was left in the back seat of their vehicle, which resulted in the child suffering a heatstroke.

Although temperatures are cooling with the changing season, children who are left inside of vehicles may still be at risk of suffering from heat related illnesses. Many parents and caregivers are not aware of the associated risks to children even if outside temperatures are in the 60s. Outside temperatures vary from inside vehicle temperatures, which can rise to over 100 degrees quickly when temperatures are in the 60 plus degree range outside.

The following are car safety tips for reducing these kinds of injury risks to child passengers:

-Never leave a child unattended in a vehicle – Even if a vehicle is left on, or a window is left open, leaving small children unattended in a car is not only dangerous, but against the law in many states.

-If there is a change in plan for who normally drops a child off at daycare, be sure to check in with the other person to make sure the drop off did occur.

-Get into the routine of checking all areas of the car prior to locking and leaving it.

-Do not allow children to play inside of vehicles.

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