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As sustainability becomes an increasingly important issue, the United Nations has taken a key role in spurring its advancement — and helping it spread throughout the world. As part of this effort, the organization puts out an annual publication showcasing businesses that are furthering sustainability — and improving lives for communities across the planet. Once of those businesses — featured in the 2013 edition of the Global Compact International Yearbook — is Camfil, the world’s leading provider of clean air solutions.

In the publication’s “Good Practices” section, the dual benefits of the company’s innovative, energy-efficient air filters are highlighted in an article by Myriam Tryjefaczka, Camfil’s Group Sustainability Manager. Put simply: By offering air filters that use less energy, last longer, and provide better performance than traditionally designed air solutions, Camfil can boost indoor air quality while lowering operational costs and waste. That’s a win for individuals, a win for customers, and a win for the environment.

The advantages of efficient air filters have become particularly important given studies showing the dangers of poor indoor air quality. Without optimal filtration, common air pollutants — including airborne particulate matter (PM), ozone, and nitrogen oxides — can easily work their way indoors and mix with pollutants already in the air, such as tobacco smoke, radon, and volatile organic compounds. Indeed, indoor air can actually be more seriously polluted than outdoor air — up to 50 times more.

Since we spend up to 90 percent of our time indoors, the impact of poor quality air can be perilous — even deadly. Common pollutants are known to cause respiratory problems, heart disease, and other illnesses. Indeed, a recent study by the World Health Organization (WHO) suggests that long-term exposure to this air pollution can also affect brain development, reproductive health, circulation, and diabetes.

“Effective air filtration is one of the easiest, cheapest, and most readily available clean technologies to decrease the energy consumption of building ventilation systems and increase indoor air quality,” says Tryjefaczka. “Our main message in the Yearbook is this: Camfil’s eco-designed air filters can make a difference for conserving energy, protecting health, and supporting global efforts to fight against climate change.”

Sustainable air filters not only offer the highest possible filtration efficiency, but also do so for the long run — unlike traditional designs, which degrade quickly and have to be replaced frequently. Already, many customers that have switched to Camfil air filters have been able to reduce their HVAC energy costs by 20 percent, their installation costs by 50 percent, and their disposal costs by 70 percent — all while maintaining optimal indoor air quality.

Camfil, who joined the UN Global Compact initiative in 2009, has long made sustainability a cornerstone of its business. The company operates six global research sites across the globe, where advances have made possible a new generation of air filters. These products promote health, sustainability, and energy efficiency at the same time — and in the process, promote our future.

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