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Luke Michael Seier Announce Body Wrap Reviews: Where To Buy It Works Body Wraps


Health and Fitness Guru Luke Seier has just announced a new health series in which he plans to take an in-depth look into Body Wraps Products. Once of the brands he plans to review is the It Works Body Wraps. Luke Seier plans to conclude his review of It Works Body Wraps, Where to but It Works Body Wraps, and other brands of body wraps by November 8, 2013.

Another brand of body wraps he plans to take a closer look at is the schedule release of Fatty Girl Body Wraps which will launch on October 18, 2013. Luke plans to do a side by side comparison of both brands by conducting case studies with the help of his own clientele. In a recent interview with Luke Seier he says that a client that he trains brought the products to his attention as a way to quickly tone and tighten designated sections of the body, from that day he made plans to review the claims for himself.

“I have to admit that the Body Wrap craze caught me completely off guard, but once one of my clients started raving about it, then I had no other choice than to investigate the claims made by the brand. Our goal has been to provide balanced, tested results on products like It Works Body Wraps and other brands in a way that provides a real value to the consumers.”

Over the past two years Body wrapping has become just as popular as the Tanning and Botox services, but very few independent studies have been conducted to confirm the claims made by Brands. Fittness Trainer Luke Seier went on to say that before this review is over he plans to know everything there is about Body Wraps and other types of herbal body wraps that are applied to the skin.

It Works Body Wraps has emerged as the most dominate body wrap product in the market, with independent distributors all across the country. Fatty Girl Body Wraps is another body wrap brand that plans to go head to head with It Works Body Wraps in the fall as the holiday season approaches.

For more information on the launch of this review and please visit Luke Seier Personal Fitness Camps new website on Facebook. For more information on the launch of Fatty Body Wraps please visit their website at the following address http://www.FattyGirlWraps.com

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