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A serious construction accident in Sacramento involving two PG&E subcontractors made headlines last month after the men sustained injuries that police reported were critical. News reports on the incident help shed light on the safety risks many construction workers commonly face on jobsites. In the case of the two subcontractors, a chain snapped when a crane was lifting steel supports that were put in place to stabilize the sides of a ditch while pipe was being installed. This type of equipment failure is one of the most common dangers that take many workers by surprise when working on jobsites. Some workers are injured due to the lack of time these occurrences allow for them to attempt to move to safety. One of the workers reportedly sustained a head injury and the other was stated to have sustained leg trauma in the accident.

Construction workers who have sustained any type of serious injury from equipment failure or other safety hazard should assess their options when it comes to ensuring they are able to afford the medical care they need to recover. In some cases, a third party’s negligence makes them liable in the event that a construction worker is injured while carrying out duties related to their job. For example, if there is a defect in heavy construction equipment that leads to mechanical failure, manufacturers or suppliers may be deemed responsible for medical expenses and other damages if an injury claim is brought against them.

The Life Care Solutions Group is available to help those who may be seeking help from a Sacramento injury lawyer for a construction accident claim, or answers to questions regarding their medical and legal options in these matters. Injured construction accident workers who need help can contact the resource today for a free case review.

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