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A truck underride accident occurs when a car strikes the back of a tractor trailer. This is similar to a rear-end collision between two passenger cars—except much worse. Many rear-end collisions result in just minor damage to the cars’ bumpers. Underride truck accidents often result in significant property damage and serious injuries. Because a truck is so much bigger and higher than a passenger car, the truck can shear off or crush a car’s windshield and passenger compartment. Obviously, when a car sustains such serious damage, the car’s occupants also suffer. Passengers may suffer life-changing head injuries and injuries to their bodies, such as broken bones and internal injuries. In some cases, these injuries may be fatal.

To help prevent these accidents, trucking companies must outfit their trucks with rear impact guards. These guards are designed to stop cars from sliding underneath trucks. But, even so, underride accidents still happen because of problems with trucks’ guards. For example, a truck’s guard might be missing, defective, or inadequately designed to account for a particularly small car. The guard might be bent, old, poorly secured, or structurally weak.

If you or a loved one got hurt in a trucking accident, contact a truck accident lawyer in your area to discuss your injuries. A personal injury lawyer should be able to work with you to identify the responsible party and to pursue a financial recovery.

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