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For The Schwarz Group — a major global logistics firm based in the UK — the challenge seemed a formidable one: how to improve indoor air quality at its two sprawling warehouses while reducing energy use and maintenance costs. But working with Camfil — the world’s leading provider of air filters and clean air solutions — the company was not only able to tackle that challenge, but arrive at an air filtration system that improved air quality and the bottom line.

Balancing performance and efficiency was paramount for The Schwarz Group, which provides a major part of the warehousing and logistics activities for the Carl Zeiss Group, a leader in bridge-type and horizontal arm measuring machines, as well as instruments for measuring form, geometry, and surface.

Perhaps best known for the highest quality optics, today’s Carl Zeiss technology is also used in the production of microchips and a wide range of technology-savvy fields including the life sciences, healthcare, IT and telecommunications, automotive and cutting edge consumer products.

For one thing, the firm needed to keep the components it stored meticulously free of dust — otherwise, problems could arise when they were further processed. But it was also crucial to maintain best-in-class occupational safety, which includes healthy indoor air quality in The Schwarz Group’s storage areas. The air solution chosen could make no compromises: optimal air quality was non-negotiable.

While visiting the Camfil Logistics Centre to inspect the company’s CamCleaner 6000 air purifier, The Schwarz Group and Carl Zeiss saw first hand the dramatic reduction in dust particles the unit makes possible. The two firms conducted a 24-hour trial in which pallets were loaded with clean room discs and stored. At the end of the test period, dust accumulation was measured — and found to be 3 to 4 times less than The Schwarz Group had been experiencing at its own facilities.

CamCleaner 6000 units were than installed on-site by The Schwartz Group — and in just a short time after commissioning, particle accumulation in the warehouse was reduced by more than half. After two weeks, a second measurement revealed that particle accumulation was just one-fifth the pre-Camfil level. Meanwhile, dust reduction wasn’t the only benefit The Schwarz Group realized. The Camfil air solution’s high efficiency design meant it required less energy than the logistics firm’s earlier systems, resulting in cost savings. That high efficiency also reduced the number of air filter changes required, which reduced maintenance costs.

Providing customers with a win-win proposition — better air quality, lower costs — has long been a priority for Camfil, the industry’s leader in developing energy efficient, sustainable air filters and complete clean air solutions. Its commitment to innovation is supported by a half dozen research sites across the globe, including its state-of-the-art Tech Center in Trosa, Sweden. Already, a typical Camfil customer can reduce its HVAC energy costs by 20 percent, its installation costs by 50 percent, and its disposal costs by 70 percent — all while maintaining optimal indoor air quality.

That’s a value proposition that doesn’t just work for customers — but for their employees and the communities in which they operate, too.

The world leader in air filtration systems, Camfil provides clean air solutions for hospitals, hotels, office buildings, educational institutions, and pharmaceutical and biotech companies. We provide the tools to achieve sustainability, maintain high air quality, and reduce airborne infections — all while lowering total cost of ownership. Camfil customers go green without ever sacrificing performance. For more information, visit us online at http://airfilters.camfilfarr.us, or call us toll-free at 888.599.6620.

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