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The Rudolph Academy K-8 Audio Spelling System Online is designed to help students become better spellers. It has been developed by Christopher Rudolph, a certified Language Arts Teacher with 23 years of teaching experience.

Each one of these spelling lessons follow the same format. Students listen to the audio spelling lesson, and also read along with the audio. “It is important that students get both the audio input as well as the visual input,” said Christopher Rudolph.

Each lesson word is used in a sentence. Each sentence is carefully worded so that students can learn the meaning of the word in context. “This system does not just teach spelling but also expands students’ vocabulary,” he said. Students then take an audio spelling quiz. These spelling quizzes are scored automatically.

Students can then quickly focus on the words they are having difficulties with. The results are instantaneous. “Compare this to the old way of giving spelling quizzes on paper in a class room. With the old way the students need to wait until the quizzes are corrected by the teacher. This could take several days or more.”

With the Rudolph Academy Online Audio Spelling System, students can take spelling quizzes online over and over again until 100 percent is achieved. After a student achieves 100 percent mastery, they can also take a fill in the blank quiz and sentence dictations quizzes. Once educators experience using this system with their students they will quickly realize the systems utility. It is simply a much more effective and efficient system for learning spelling.

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