08/01/2014 (press release: steroper04) // Manchester, UK // Bill Jones

Teenagers are always looking for extra ways to earn some extra pocket money. Paid surveys and other market research projects can be a great way to do exactly this but for Teenagers the age requirements can be hard to find. To help solve this problem a Dad to one Teenage son based in the UK has created a new paid survey website, TeenSurveys.co.uk. The new site allows Teenagers of all ages to quickly and conveniently find the highest paying survey companies that they are eligible to join.

TeenSurveys.co.uk allows users of the site to learn how to take surveys for money using their quick and easy to read guides. Once a visitor has learnt enough and decides to proceed they can view the top paying survey companies in the list to the right of the homepage. Upon click on this link there is a full review of each site and the option to join to start earning money. Users can also leave their own reviews via the comments in order to help others visitors decide on which survey sites to register with.

All of the market research companies that are listed at Teen Surveys have been carefully researched to ensure that they are suitable for Teenagers to join. All are free of charge and will never ask for any money to become a member. Some of the survey sites listed include small unknown and exclusive panels right up to the World’s largest including uSamps iPoll panel, MySurvey and Global Test Market just to name a few.

In the future Teen Surveys will be adding many more features including a chat box so Teens can discuss their market research experiences there and then. There will also be much more social media presence.

Bill Jones, the Dad of one who came up for the idea for the new website said “My Teenage son was forever looking online for ways to earn some extra pocket money. After finding paid surveys he could never work out whether he was old enough to register. So I set about creating a surveys for teens website. The new site is fully researched and allows anyone under 18 to find whether they are eligible to join paid survey sites and make money online.”

If you are are under 18 and want to start making money from surveys you can find out more at: teensurveys.co.uk

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