08/11/2014 (press release: msrelief) // Palmer, Alaska, United States // Linda G. Cox

MSrelief.com Announces Appointment of Energetic Healer as Associate Partner

Christine Albright, energetic, spiritual and intuitive healer believes that multiple sclerosis symptoms are a call for our attention, asking us to look deeply within, so we can heal ourselves. MSrelief.com is pleased to announce that this gifted healer has officially joined the ranks as an Associate Partner. Founder of the Multiple Sclerosis Alternative Healing and Wholeness Center, she attended the Jaffe Institute of Spiritual and Medical Healing and has been certified to provide this totally natural healing modality to others.

In 1990, when Christine was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, she was forced to face her greatest fear, the potential for losing her ability to dance. You see, as a prior professional ballet dancer, she was terrified of the possible deterioration of her physical abilities. Doctors told her there was nothing they could do. Their assessment was that MS was incurable. No treatment was available beyond medication, which was a course she was resistant to take.

So, she took the matter into her own hands and began looking for sources of healing outside of conventional medicine. She had a sense that the answers would be found within. Over four years of dedication to her physical, emotional & spiritual healing, she completely surrendered the illness to the highest healing energies of love and God. The result has been a relatively symptom-free life for twenty years now.

“The objective for my work at MSrelief.com is to share the lessons I’ve learned over the years about the power of innate healing rather than hating, fearing and fighting the MS. I teach my clients how to nurture a sense of release, well-being and hope as the body naturally begins to heal itself”, says Christine.

If you’re currently living with multiple sclerosis or any health challenge that you’re ready to move beyond, then contact Christine at MSrelief.com or call her at 303-465-9200 and explore this unique spiritual healing opportunity. She offers one-on-one energetic, intuitive healing sessions and group classes for those suffering from multiple sclerosis as well as other chronic conditions.

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