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One of Denver’s premier pain management clinics, Colorado Pain, is currently accepting new patients. Colorado Pain is pleased to provide patients with three locations, each boasting state of the art facilities and specially trained, compassionate staff, including board certified physicians. These facilities are located in Golden, Colorado; Buena Vista, Colorado, and South Granby, Colorado. Colorado Pain services include a wide variety of treatment solutions designed to help address the chronic or severe pain conditions which result from any number of different ailments.

Some of their services include pain medication management, chiropractic care, interventional pain management, physical therapy and rehabilitation, spinal decompression therapy, treatment for victims of automobile accidents, treatment for those injured on the job, and acupuncture. Pain medication management is one of their most commonly called for solutions, and the physicians, nurses, and staff at Colorado Pain (www.painmanagementdenverco.com) are fully trained and prepared to help their patients combat their difficult to deal with pain using the latest knowledge and medications. From treatment plans that include over the counter medications to those that require the use of controlled narcotics, Colorado Pain doctors and staff can help their patients manage their pain medicinally, efficiently, safely, and compassionately.

Pain medication management is often required when the source of the pain cannot be identified or results from a condition which cannot be directly treated. The pain remains as a symptom of the condition, even if the condition is being otherwise controlled. In order to properly manage pain, the physicians at Colorado Pain work with patients to determine the source of their pain, the appropriate types of pain medications for relieving that pain, and a plan of action to ensure that their pain medication management remains a positive in their lives. They also carefully monitor the health and condition of their patients, to ensure that their pain is being effectively managed and that their health is not being impacted negatively by their pain medications.

Their expertise is derived from their long experience with different conditions and their understanding of the types of pain caused by different complications. For example, they understand that the use of NSAIDs can be used to reduce the production of certain hormones which result in pain within the body, and can be used to combat pain due to inflammation. When these medications are ineffective, pain relief medications like corticosteroids and opioids may be required. Anticonvulsants and antidepressants can also play an important role in managing pain, depending on the condition which is at the root of the pain. These variances mean that each Colorado Pain patient is fully assessed before the physician comes up with a medication treatment plan, and that plan is continually revisited to ensure that the patient is experiencing relief from their pain.

About Colorado Pain

Colorado Pain is a network of Denver pain management clinic facilities which has locations in Golden, Buena Vista, and South Granby, Colorado. Their doctors and staff are fully committed to compassionate care and pain relief. For more information visit www.painmanagementdenverco.com.


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