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Their payment system is secure, the entire service is private and confidential, and all orders are processed online so that students need not speak to a sales person if they do not wish. The writers conduct academic research to be sure that the work is high scoring and up to date with the most recent curriculums. The writers know what professors are looking for when they mark essays, and they exploit this knowledge to make sure their essays are of a particularly high quality.


They offer a very good service for a very reasonable price. A student can alter the amount he or she pays by fiddling with their quotation tool. The tool is free to use anyway, so he or she can play with it all day to get the price he or she wishes. The way the student may affect the price is to fiddle with the page count, the level of the piece, the type of writing and the deadline. Those are the main affecters of the price that students can fiddle around with to get the price they want. The essay writing service’s starting prices for essay work are around the $13.99 per page mark. If students can get their work to them sooner, they may then take advantage of the essay writing service’s ten-day deadline prices. If you are in a hurry, then even at a basic quality level will cost them $37.99 per page.


If the students type in “FIRST 25”, then they get 25% off their very first order. If that was not enough, then they can also get bulk buy discounts. These work based on how many pages they order. They get 15% off for ordering over 100 pages. They get 10% off for ordering over 50 pages, and they get 5% off for ordering over 14 pages.

Customer support

The customer support department is very friendly and are very attentive to the needs of a student. A student may contact them through their live chat function or via their phone line. There is also email support, which is handy when a student has a longer question.

Why people use Bestessaytips.com

The biggest reason is the fact they offer a consistently good service with a very reasonable price tag. They are not the cheapest on the market, but they are the only ones to provide a consistently high quality without resorting to spinning or rewriting. They do not resell old essays and they do not have hidden charges. They have a very large team of writers, which means that peak seasons are no hindrance. You will still get your work as per your deadline no matter what time of year it is. Every essay is 100% original, which means a student may hand it in as his or her own if he or she wishes. The student chooses his or her deadline even the lowest quality bands guarantee a passing grade.

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