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Ziwa Garments and Apparel offers a wide range of branded promotional items in different categories, whether as corporate gifts, print promotional items, or branded corporate gifts and other printing campaigns and giveaways.

Priding ourself as the solution to Kenya’sT- Shirt Printing, Screen Printing and Embroidery Services industry, Ziwa Garments & Apparel offers great competitive pricing on both standard and specialty prints on T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Caps, Hats, Uniforms (Overalls, Track Suits, Soccer Jerseys, Dust Coats, Reflectors), Flags, Banners, Wheel Covers, Umbrella’s among other quality assorted promotional and awareness materials primarily to corporate, non – governmental organizations and the public sector within Kenya and East Africa.

Get started today by visiting our website at http://ziwagarments.com/ for Kenya’s Nairobi Show, Trade Fair, Custom T – Shirt Printing, Screen Printing, Embroidery Services, Uniform Branding, Exhibition Printing

Our quality print work guarantees that your marketing message will appear on everyday promotional items in an impressive way that will attract your target market.

Ziwa Garments is creating a culture of brand champions we believe in the excellence and success of our clients!

Whether you think you know public relations and marketing or not, getting your business or product noticed is difficult.

Even some of the best PR pros I know have a hard time marketing themselves. It just seems a bit precocious to put yourself out there. But one thing I know for sure: If you don’t market yourself, no one else will.

How to brand your product:

Consistently brand your business.

Chances are your company already has a logo and a name. It should be on everything – correctly formatted. Your name and logo are the image that says who you are and what you do. Make sure it reflects your business.

Start branding your business today by using the Screen Printing and Embroidery Services of Ziwa Garments and Apparel in Nairobi, Kenya

Identify your audience.

It may seem like common sense, but many businesses fail to identify just who to talk to. Once you know “who” then you can go about “how” to reach them. With the right branded products in either the textile and garment industry or other items that can be branded by http://ziwagarments.com/

“A distinctive appearance and a simple set of characteristics lead to an extremely flexible brand. ” ? Woodrow Phoenix

Get involved in your community.

This helps with making your brand a household name. When people use your brand name as a verb, then that is a sign of brand success. Remember to look for groups and associations that align with your priorities and beliefs. Volunteerism is a great way to network as well. Dressing you participants in branded regalia is also important.

“Mass advertising can help build brands, but authenticity is what makes them last. If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand.”

Branded promotional items will assist in building your brand and give you a strong presence in the market place.

• Branded Merchandise

– T-Shirt branding

– Polo Shirt branding

– Cap branding

– Apron branding

– Fleece branding


• Branded Giveaways

– Keyring branding

– Mug Branding

– Coffee Flask Branding

– Clock Branding

– Pen Branding

– Bag Branding

– Radio Branding

– USB Branding

– Mouse Mat Branding


• Executive

– Pen-Set Branding

– Game Branding


• Sport

– Golf Towel Branding

– Golf Ball Branding

– Badge Branding

– Water Bottle Branding


Uniform Branding, Promotional Items branding, Screen Printing, Embroidery Services, Custom Polo Shirt

Remember to visit our website at http://ziwagarments.com/ for your T-Shirt printing, Screen printing, Embroidery, Direct-to-garment and general branding and advertising needs.

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