10/08/2014 (press release: tomhess)

Tom Hess Music Corporation announces release of special report to help musicians learn how to record guitar in the studio while minimizing recording mistakes.

“The biggest ‘secret’ to becoming a good musician in the studio is in learning to pay attention to very specific nuances that go unnoticed by 99.99999% of guitar players when they play for themselves (while practicing at home) or even when performing on stage. Although these nuances may appear to be simple when you first read about them, paying attention to them during the recording process can be a challenging task. Fortunately, it is possible for anyone to learn to become a better guitar player in the studio just as it is possible to learn how to improve your other musical skills”, says Tom Hess.

In Hess’s special report, he lists many recording techniques for guitar players. Among the techniques discussed, he emphasizes the following points:

When recording chords for guitar, Hess says “You must pay attention to keeping the notes of the chords sounding ‘stable’. Depending on how you attack the strings while recording, they will vibrate in different ways. If you are not carefully about how you strum the chords and if you are not picking the chords consistently with every take, the final recording will sound very sloppy.”

Hess discusses an alternative way to tune the guitar in the studio:“Tune the guitar ‘slightly’ flat (by a few cents) in relation to the standard A440 tuning!” He explains: “This will make sure that when the string begins to vibrate in a slightly bent state (from the pick attack), it is actually perfectly in tune instead of being sharp.”

When recording in the studio, songs are often made of many overlapping parts. For recording more than one guitar part at the same time, Hess says ”When you record guitar parts, you need to make sure that each take you play not only sounds good ‘on its own’ but also locks in perfectly tight with its double tracked version. The more careful you are about such nuances when you practice recording, the faster you will be able to record your guitar parts and the more money you (or your band) will save in the recording studio.”

Hess’s special report on recording guitar in the studio is available on http://tomhess.net.

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