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Fearless Poets, the organization founded by Best-Selling Author Ashley Love, is doing their part during Bullying Awareness Month by challenging all who are willing to stand up for those who often get unheard, to do one simple task a day for the month of October. Each task’s purpose is either to make the supporter a better person, to support the movement against bullying, or to support others who need the encouragement and love.


Fearless Poets, although less than a year old, already has a book under their belt, the second on the way, has followers and supporters around the world and is planning their first large-scale confidence building/bullying awareness week next July. They are doing exactly what their organization’s mission statement declares, “Speaking Up & Reaching Out with Spoken Word” and they are not afraid to ask others to join them in their mission.


“We must realize the power in our voices. I never believed the statement as a child, “Words can never hurt you” because they hurt me. They almost destroyed me, but I stayed strong and I made it through. Because I am still standing, I want to help others use their voices to stand up for what they believe in. That’s what Fearless Poets is about…Realizing you can make a difference.’ – Ashley Love


Love is the mother of three girls ages 9, 6, and 4 and is recognized as the “Visionary Mompreneur” in her coaching business to help CeoMoms juggle being a business woman and a mom, Charged Visions. She was born in New Orleans, La and currently resides in Alexandria, La. Love was honored by the Unstoppable Women this September at their 2nd Annual Conference in Atlanta, Georgia and was the recipient of the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.


To join the challenge, go to www.facebook.com/fearlesspoets and for more information on the Fearless Poets, go to their website at www.fearlesspoets.org.


“Individually we can make a difference in people’s lives, but together we can change the world.” – Ashley Love


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