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In an effort to do a good job and put their best foot forward, many employees feel pressure to skip meal and rest breaks, which is a violation of their rights. Workers should never have to work off the clock, perform unpaid overtime or work through their meal and rest breaks. Their time is precious and they should be compensated for it, says Los Angeles wage and hour lawyer Eric Grover. Otherwise, they’re allowing their employer to get away with wage theft.

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Upstart rocket manufacturer and darling of the commercial space industry SpaceX is facing another lawsuit over its labor practices.

In the second of two lawsuits filed in Los Angeles County last week, a former employee alleges that the rocket maker violated state labor laws by denying workers breaks and requiring them to work “off the clock.”

The lawsuit by a former tool maker at the Hawthorne company accused Space Exploration Technologies Corp. managers of pressuring workers…

Another former SpaceX employee sues over alleged labor law violations