10/27/2014 (press release: CFEIL) // Chula Vista, CA, United States // Stephen L. Kalaluhi

Stop sacrificing your personal beliefs and ethics in pursuit of your corporate responsibilities and the bottom line.   Christian executives, marketplace leaders, and senior pastors throughout the nation share with me the following three frustrations about aligning their faith with their corporate actions:


  • Leading in ways that are contrary to their Christian faith causes undue feelings of stress and anxiety


  • The guilt associated with allowing the attainment of corporate goals to override their personal beliefs creates resentment towards their organization


  • Christian leaders feel their personal beliefs, morals, and ethics prevent them from achieving continued growth within their organization


It doesn’t have to be this way.  The advisory team at the Center for Excellence in Leadership (CFEIL) has an elegant, yet highly effective formula for leader success that aligns corporate expectations with Christian faith and bridges the gap between faith in Christ and corporate actions. 


Unlike other advisors, the Center for Excellence in Leadership’s proprietary Leadership EXCELLENCE Formula has been designed specifically to address the challenges that Christian executives, marketplace leaders, and senior pastors face in their corporate worlds.  Developed by Stephen L. Kalaluhi, an expert in the field of leadership excellence within the church and author of the soon-to-be published The Crux of Leadership: How to Lead When Souls Are On the Line, the Leadership EXCELLENCE Formula focuses on helping you be a better leader and build better teams while maintaining integrity between your faith and shareholder expectations.


For more information:

Contact: Stephen L. Kalaluhi

Phone: 1 (844) YOU-LEAD

Website: www.CenterforExcellenceinLeadership.com

Email: [email protected]



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