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iW Magazine announces the release of its 10th edition of Leading Watch Retailers, featuring an in-depth exploration of over 60 elite independent watch retailers across North America. Leading Watch Retailers is published by Fine Life Media as an annual supplement to the monthly editions of iW Magazine, and is produced in collaboration with Kaiser Time.

Through the 2015 edition of Leading Watch Retailers, iW’s editors introduce readers to a distinct group of independent retailers, including many century-old family firms. To qualify for this distinction, retailers must prove themselves in three major categories: selection, sales support and service. The result is a trusted guide for consumers, collectors, the watch industry and those with an interest in horological exploration. Collectively, this network represents the finest watch brands in the industry through more than 120 unique doors, from Ahee Jewelers in Grosse Point Woods, Michigan to Zadok Jewelers in Houston, Texas.

In addition to celebrating this distinct network of retailers in the 2015 Leading Watch Retailers book, watch enthusiasts are presented with digital alternatives, including an easy to navigate LWR section on iWmagazine.com and a dedicated sub-magazine within iW’s exclusive channel on Flipboard (flip.it/iw).

Leading Watch Retailers is available for purchase by phone, email or online, and is included with a new subscription to iW Magazine.
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Ahee Jewelers  |  www.ahee.com
Altier Jewelers  |  www.altierjewelers.com
Armstrong Rockwell Watches & Fine Jewelry  |  www.armstrongrockwell.com
Bachendorf’s  |  www.bachendorfs.com
Ballerina Jewelers  |  www.ballerina-jewelers.com
Bellusso Jewelers  |  www.bellussojewelers.com
Betteridge Jewelers  |  www.betteridge.com
Bryant & Sons, Ltd.  |  www.bryantandsons.com          
C.D. Peacock  |  www.cdpeacock.com
Ca’d’Oro Jewelers  |  www.cadorojewelers.com
Cellini Jewelers  |  www.cellinijewelers.com     
CH Premier Jewelers  |  www.chpremier.com 
Chong Hing Jewelers  |  www.chonghing.com
CJ Charles Jewelers  |  www.cjcharles.com
Clarkson Jewelers  |  www.clarksonjewelers.com
Cooper Jewelers  |  www.cooperjeweler.com
David Orgell Jewelers  |  www.davidorgell.com
E.D. Marshall Jewelers  |  www.edmarshalljewelers.com
East Coast Jewelry  |  www.ecjusa.com
Eiseman Jewels  |  www.eisemanjewels.com
Feldmar Watch Company  |  www.feldmarwatch.com   
GEARYS Beverly Hills  |  www.gearys.com
Govberg Jewelers  |  www.govbergwatches.com
Haltom’s Fine Jewelers  |  www.haltoms.com
Hamilton Jewelers  |  www.hamiltonjewelers.com
Horologio Fine Watches  |   www.horologio.com
Hours Minutes Seconds  |   www.hmswatches.com       
I W Marks Jewelers  |  www.iwmarks.com
Jay Roberts Jewelers  |  www.jayrobertsjewelers.com
Jewels in Paradise  |  www.jewelsinparadise.com
King Jewelers  |  www.kings1912.com
Les Bijoux  |  www.lesbijoux.com
Levinson Jewelers  |  www.levinsonjewelers.com
Liljenquist & Beckstead Jewelers  |  www.liljenquist.com
Little Treasury Jewelers  |  www.littletreasury.com
London Jewelers  |  www.londonjewelers.com
Louis Black Jewelers  |  www.louis-black.com
Lux Bond & Green  |  www.LBGreen.com
Manfredi Jewels  |  www.manfredijewels.com  
Markham Fine Jewelers  |  www.markhamfinejewelers.com
Marshall Pierce & Company  |  www.marshallpierce.com
Metals in Time  |  www.metalsintime.com
Morays Jewelers  |  www.moraysjewelers.com
New York Jewelers  |  www.nyjchicago.com   
Old Northeast Jewelers  |  www.oldnortheastjewelers.com
Oster Jewelers  |  www.osterjewelers.com
Polacheck’s Jewelers  |  www.polachecks.com
Provident Jewelry  |  www.providentjewelry.com
Radcliffe Jewelers  |  www.radcliffejewelers.com
Roman Times Jewelers  |  www.romantimelasvegas.com
Schiffman’s  |   www.schiffmans.com
Shreve & Co.  |  www.shreve.com
Shreve, Crump & Low  |  www.shrevecrumpandlow.com
Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry  |  www.stephensilverfinejewelry.com
The Timepiece Collection  |  www.thetimepiececollection.com
TIVOL  |  www.tivol.com
Trident Jewels & Time  |  www.trident-jewels.com
Wempe Jewelers  |  www.wempe.com
William Barthman Jeweler  |  www.williambarthman.com
Wixon Jewelers  |  www.wixonjewelers.com
Yamron Jewelers  |  www.yamron.com
Zadok Jewelers  |  www.zadok.com   


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