01/27/2015 (press release: Federicojose) // San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA // Federico Hernández

Puerto Rico will be celebrating the 6th edition of the National Rum Festival “Taste of Rum” this February at Paseo La Princesa. The event will be about the celebration and promotion of various Puerto Rican rums not only to the tourists but also to locals. It is an event where everyone from all parts of the world is invited to try not only the rums but also other activities that will happen in the event.

The event has been celebrated since 2009 and has been an annual event that many Puerto Ricans and even tourists are anticipating. It is a one-day event happening in Puerto Rico where the locals and tourists can enjoy and love music and also the wide variety of cuisines and rums. 

February 28, 2015, Saturday from 3pm to 9pm – This is the date and time that people must save for the annual event that will happen in Puerto Rico for the Taste of Rum Festival. It is a day packed festivities off Puerto Ricans sharing their joyful energy, musical richness and also their cuisines and unique culture. Within this day, attendees will have the chance of trying different types of rums made in Puerto Rico and attract as many visitors as possible from the other parts of the world. For those people who love drinking cocktails with this noble spirit, this is an event that should be included in the list of fun party destinations. It is now considered as a world class event and is attracting many tourists from different parts of the world.

Through the early announcement of the upcoming event, people who are always attending the event can save the date from their calendars and prepare themselves from an exciting getaway in Puerto Rico. People should anticipate that there will be many activities that they will enjoy in the event and would make their visit and participation really worth it.

Taste of Rum is an annual Puerto Rican event that is celebrated both by locals and tourists who love drinking different types of rum and can easily appreciate other cuisines. The festival is produced by TheRumLab.com and is the same producer of MidWestRumFest.com and for the upcoming California Rum Festival.

For more information on the upcoming event, feel free to visit www.tasteofrum.com.

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