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The number of wineries in North America grew at a faster pace in 2014, as 599 net new wineries were in business, or 7.1% more than in 2013, when winery growth was just 4.3%. Wines & Vines magazine reports this sign of a booming wine economy in its 2015 Directory & Buyers Guide, along with thousands of other data points and 12 extensive content sections.
The total number of wineries in North America rose to 8,990. The U.S. accounted for 525 new wine producers. California was home to 3,913 wineries, or 47% of the U.S. total. 
The data also showed that U.S. wineries grew in case production by 5.6%. Wines Vines Analytics, the magazine’s market-research team, released these numbers on the first day of the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium in Sacramento, Calif. 
Bonded and Virtual Wineries
Type of winery           Number of Wineries
U.S. Bonded              6,812
U.S. Virtual                 1,475
U.S. Total                    8,287
Canada / Mexico          703
Total                           8,990

The number of virtual wineries grew by 23% in 2014, while bonded wineries grew by 4%. Bonded wineries have their own brick-and-mortar production sites, while virtual wineries have brand names and produce wine at host facilities.
States With 100-Plus Wineries
State or Province Number of Wineries
California               3,913
Washington              704
Oregon                      632 
New York                  333  
British Columbia      278
Virginia                      257 
Ontario                      224
Texas                        215
Pennsylvania          200  
Ohio                          158  
Michigan                  143  
North Carolina        138  
Missouri                   132  
Colorado                 113  
Illinois                      104  

Fifteen states and provinces were each home to more than 100 wineries in 2014. Oregon gained 66 net new wineries, giving it the biggest increase after California. The only change in the order of the states and provinces from a year ago was that Ontario, with a gain of 32 wineries, passed Texas in winery counts. British Columbia added 21 wineries. 
Case production Number of U.S. Wineries
Large (>500,000 cases)                          58
Medium (50,000-499,000 cases)       254
Small (5,000-49,999 cases)             1,480
Very Small (1,000-4,999 cases)       3,465 
Limited Production (< 1,000 cases) 3,030 
Total U.S.                                              8,287

The category of small wineries (1,000-4,999 cases) gained the most new wineries in 2014, followed by limited-production wineries (less than 1,000 cases). Not much change happened among the bigger producers, as the medium winery category added just one net winery and the large winery category added two.
New Directory & Buyer’s Guide 
The 2015 Directory & Buyer’s Guide presents a wealth of information about the North American wine industry contained in two major sections: the Winery Directory, which has detailed information about every winery, and the Buyer’s Guide, which contains content about equipment, supplies and services for the wine industry—plus a wide array of other valuable information for wine producers, grapegrowers, wine industry trade members and suppliers to the wine industry. 
The current edition features more than 550 North American wine grape growers, more than 900 wine distributors listed by metropolitan area with contact information and the wineries and brands they represent, and a completely updated direct shipping compliance section, among many other content offerings.
The Buyer’s Guide informs winery and vineyard managers where to find their equipment and supplies, including entries for 279 cooperage suppliers, 100 bottle suppliers, 197 tank dealers and thousands of other listings.
The 2015 Directory & Buyer’s Guide comes in a spiral-bound 772-page print format and is also accessible in searchable format online. Both are included for one price. 
The Directory & Buyer’s Guide’s extensive listings of contacts and offerings include:
• Wineries
• Winery and brand cross-reference
• Custom crush and winery cross-reference
• Growers
• Grower and winery cross-reference
• Direct-shipping regulations
• Distributors linked to wineries and brands
• Trade/grower/winery associations
• Wine writers
• New-generation websites
• Wine competitions
• Wine industry PR firms
• U.S. grape crop authorities
• University programs in viticulture and enology
• Government offices and alcohol control boards
• Viticultural areas of North America
• Suppliers listed by those serving wineries, vineyards and general customers.
Wines & Vines’ 2015 Directory & Buyer’s Guide is available for $95 through the magazine’s website, www.winesandvines.com.
For more information, contact publisher Chet Klingensmith at [email protected] or (415) 453-9700, or editor Jim Gordon at [email protected] or (415) 453-9700.
Wines & Vines is based at 65 Mitchell Blvd. Suite A, San Rafael, CA 94903.


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