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As San Diego residents face restrictions and penalties on when and how they can wash their vehicles at home during California’s historic drought, Pacific Beach Toyota dealership Mossy Toyota has opened an advanced new Eco Wash with WaterSavers and LEED certifications. The hybrid-system, chain-conveyor car wash accommodates up to 85 vehicles in an hour, and each wash uses just 15 gallons of water, 95 percent of which is then recycled.

Mossy Toyota’s new Eco Wash comes in well below a 40-gallon-per-wash requirement for WaterSavers membership from the International Carwash Association. For further comparison, a 2014 report by Southern California Public Radio stated that washing a car at home can use anywhere between 30 and 150 gallons of water, often resulting in environmentally harmful runoff into a storm drain. The same story reported that in-bay car washes require between 25 and 100 gallons of water per vehicle.

“By recycling the majority of its water and incorporating biodegradable products, our Eco Wash exceeds all green car wash standards, so our customers don’t have to worry or feel guilty about keeping their cars clean while San Diego’s Drought Alert restrictions are in effect,” said Dale Snow, director of fixed operations at Mossy Toyota. “At the same time, they are receiving a superior, spotless wash at the right price thanks to a hybrid system that combines the best of friction technology and high-pressure wash components. Mossy helps you drive better for less, and in this case, we’ve been able to use less water, while making less of an impact on the environment and our customers’ wallets alike.”

Located at 4555 Mission Bay Drive in Pacific Beach, the Mossy Toyota Eco Wash starts with a presoak and soap solution followed by friction equipment and high-pressure recycled water to clean even hard-to-reach areas of the vehicle. Prices range from $12.95 plus tax for the standard wash to $29.95 plus tax for The Ultimate People’s Choice Wash, which features an extensive wheel cleaning, tri-foam conditioner, clear coat sealant wax and Rain-X water-beading treatment. Mossy Toyota also offers a complimentary car wash for each of the more than 5,000 vehicles that the dealership services each month.

About Mossy Toyota:

Part of the Mossy Automotive Group that has served San Diego drivers since 1921, Mossy Toyota combines decades of sales and service expertise with the latest advancements in vehicle maintenance to ensure that each customer leaves satisfied. Whether drivers are looking to lease a new Toyota CR-V, finance a pre-owned Toyota Prius or repair their Toyota Tacoma, the Pacific Beach dealership is stocked and ready. Find Mossy Toyota online at www.mossytoyota.com or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/MossyToyota, call them at 858-581-4000 or visit in person at 4555 Mission Bay Drive in San Diego, Calif.

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