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Infitrak, an industry leader in the design and development of comprehensive cold-chain solutions, introduces TempTrust™ Extreme, a revolutionary packaging solution designed to hold temperatures far beyond existing regulatory standards.


The complete solution has multiple industry firsts:

  • It is the first solution to combine expanded polypropylene (EPP) & EPS material to create a product that bounces back from dents and dings, making it ultra-reusable.
  • It is the first solution to utilize 10 years and thousands of transportation data points to create a packaging solution that surpasses all existing standards
  • It is the first passive temperature-controlled solution to reach 168 hours of temperature hold time at 2o to 8o C and 15o-25o C for Canadian temperature profiles

The development of the TempTrust™ Extreme line of products is based on more than 10 years of research and analysis of standard transportation modes in North America, documenting thousands of data points across all major origins and destinations. This process enabled the creation of a unique, exclusive packaging portfolio based around real data and compliance standards that have resulted in packaging that exceeds ISTA7E and other standards.

“Engineers have been using Expanded polypropylene (EPP) for years as a replacement for materials such as metals, wood and a variety of other plastics, said Jean Bedard, president of Infitrak, Inc. “However, even though it is eco-friendly, flexible and versatile no one has used it to design temperature controlled packaging.”

Bedard adds, “The use of EPP enabled us to design a solution that was lightweight, energy efficient and could withstand multiple impacts without damage. By using black, rather than standard white, the product is also resistant to dirt and grime, and thus making it more attractive after repeated reuse.”

Other highlights of the TempTrust™ 168 Extreme include:

  • Scalable for your needs – available in three temperature performance ranges: 2o to 8o C, 2o to 25o C and 15o-25o C, has 12 standard sizes available, and multiple seasonal profiles.
  • Bounce-Back Technology™ – Patented EPP memory material bounces back from dents and dings making it ultra-reusable. Reuse is also assured via qualification of the system for multiple openings and maximum use.
  • Ultra Lightweight – EPP is used in the automotive industry to make vehicles lighter, reducing system mass. TempTrust uses the same material, easily making it one of the lightest packaging solutions on the market today.
  • Outer Shell is Completely Recyclable – Manufacturing EPP requires no volatile organic compounds, chlorofluorocarbon or other compounds that are recognized as most damaging to the environment. It can be shredded and remolded and is melt-processable.

The TempTrust™ Extreme 168 Hour Qualified Packaging System is designed to meet a variety of packaging and transport needs. The line also includes 24, 48, 72, 96, 128, and 144 hour solutions in multiple sizes, temperature ranges and seasonal pack-outs.

About Infitrak

Infitrak designs and develops comprehensive cold-chain solutions that protect a product’s integrity and ensures patient and consumer safety. Infitrak is the only company with all three areas of compliance-based, temperature-controlled services and products: packaging, consulting, and real-time monitoring. This translates into a team that is with you all the way, from raw materials to end user.

Since 1998, our compliance-based solutions have been designed specifically with the customer in mind. Our innovative solutions are used throughout the pharmaceutical, life sciences, agriculture and logistics markets to reduce risk and create a safe transport and storage environment. For more information, visit www.infitrak.com.

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