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How to add Brand Visibility Making Google Index Tweets

Twitter advertising and marketing can increase brand exposure, online reputation, traffic generation when using Twitter marketing the Google way. Qamar Zaman explains.  

When a search giant would start displaying more tweets, read my previous article here


Twitter Engagement Can Result in Better Signals for SEO!, your brand the benefit from various metrics if applied correctly.  

The questions you need to ask yourself now are the following:


1. What is the next thing you need to do to boost your Twitter content’s visibility in Google SERPs?

2.  What are the top factors that can guide you on how to make your tweets get crawled, indexed, and ranked by Google?

3.   How Google Indexes your tweets based on those factors mentioned at number 2?


Keep on reading below to find the answers to these questions.

Google Inks Deal with Twitter: What You Need to Do Next?

It’s been a month now since we heard the news that the two web technology giants have agreed to work hand in hand again to fuse their technology to serve their users better.   What this means to your business and how can you leverage from this?


The first thing you need to do is to look at your brand’s Twitter account from Google’s perspective.  Try to be on Google’s shoes and analyze how the search giant usually crawl and index content from the web.


Your Twitter account should have a consistent and regular streams of tweets that don’t only add value to your brand but also give solutions to the problems of your target audience.  If you don’t have a Twitter account yet, now is the best time to create one, publish highly relevant tweets, and grow your engagement while you also grow the number of your followers.


According to a study conducted by Stone Temple (, the total number of follower count, the type of content you tweet, and the quality and number of inbound links pointing to your tweets are the top factors Google would highly use to decide if they’ll index and rank your tweets.

Top 3 Factors that Affect Your Tweets Visibility in Google SERPs

As I mentioned above, basing from the recent study conducted by Stone Temple and also based on how usually Google indexes content from the web, three determinants emerged as the basis on how Google would crawl, index, and rank your tweets.  Though these are not conclusive and Google hasn’t confirmed yet how they will rank tweets in the next 5 months, here are what the experts have predicted.

Total Number of Followers

Stone Temple found out that those Twitter profiles with 100 million followers have 21% of their tweets indexed by Google compared to those ones with less than 10 thousand followers (4%).  This shows that those with high number of followers are getting more of their tweets indexed compared to those who have lesser ones.


Although this factor also depends on other kinds of variables, it is just natural that those whose tweets are influential are the ones with many followers.

Type of Content Tweeted

Still, according to the same study (, tweets with hashtag, image, mention, and link are more likely to get indexed than those ones that don’t contain any of them.  Of these four type of tweets, those with hashtags and images are likely the ones that get indexed more quickly.

Inbound Links to Tweets

Another result of the study that confirm how usually Google indexes content on the web, is the









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