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Huntsville, AR— Ozark Mountain Publishing is pleased to announce the release of Dancing Forever with Spirit: Astonishing Insights from Heaven by Garnet Schulhauser.

Dancing Forever with Spirit , which is Schulhauser’s second non-fiction book in the spiritual genre, contin-ues the saga of the author’s spiritual awakening that began when he was confronted on the street by a homeless man named Albert who turned out to be a wise spirit in disguise—an emissary from the spirit world, as recounted in the author’s first book, Dancing on a Stamp.

In this sequel, the author describes his most recent exploits with Albert who guided him on a series of out-of-body adventures to explore a dazzling white city on the Spirit Side, other planets in the galaxy with in-triguing life forms, and some of the far-flung regions of our planet that suffer from human abuse. These fascinating astral excursions included a visit to a water planet where the resident cetaceans implore humans to stop the carnage of their cousins on Earth, a rendezvous with a benevolent race of extra-terrestrial beings who have been observing Earth for eons, a trip to another dimension to observe the idyllic world of humans who made the shift to the New Earth, and a peak at the secret life of Jesus. These escapades with Albert were designed to rouse humans from their callous stupor by displaying some of the inexcusable abuse hu-mans inflict on Mother Earth, the other creatures on our planet, and on other humans, with the hope that we will renounce the dark side of humanity in favour of spiritual enlightenment.

Dancing Forever with Spirit (ISBN 978-1940265070) can be purchased from Ozark Mountain Publishing, from all the popular online stores (with BUY links on the author’s website:, and from many Barnes & Noble and Chapters Indigo stores.

About Garnet Schulhauser

Garnet Schulhauser is a retired lawyer who lives near Victoria, on Vancouver Island, with his wife, Cathy, and little dog, Abby. He grew up on a small farm in Saskatchewan and moved to Calgary, Canada, after law school where he practiced corporate law for over thirty years with two blue-chip law firms. After retiring in 2008, he began writing and his first book, Dancing on a Stamp, was published in 2012, with the sequel, Dancing Forever with Spirit, released in 2015. Since the publication of his first book, he has been active with book signing tours and speaking engagements and has been a frequent guest on radio talk shows. More information about Schulhauser and his books can be found on his website:


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