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by Kittima Chanwattanasil

April 15, 2015

Kalasin, Thailand– The 2nd Royal Thai Army Area Commander Thawach Sookplung and the officers of Kalasin government visited the dredging catchment areas of Nong Loeng Pau Monkey Cheeks projects under the Royal Initiation of King Bhumipol at Rong Kham district, Kalasin province. Now, the soldiers of the Royal Thai Engineer Battalion and the soldiers of The 2nd Royal Thai Army Area are dredging more areas in 2nd phase with an area of 140 hectares. This operation will  increase the water at the catchment area so that the people in this area can use the water sufficiently for the agriculture , water consumption over the dry season and to prevent  flooding during rainy season.

The 2nd Royal Thai Army Area Commander said that this dredging operation in the past has 140 acres of public areas where are not dredging operations. It was agreed to such areas as public space with sharing benefits. And There is referendum  in this area that People agreed to the dredging and they can continue to improve this area.

After the referendum, the soldiers took the tools, the equipments and the machinery to dredge these 140 acres of areas. There are 120-day period of operation since 16 Febuary to 16 June 2015

If this dredging is completed it will make the Nong Loeng Pau areas  store the water more than 570,000 cubic meters from  the original catchment of 1st phase that can store 6 million of water. And It will give people sufficient water supply and will benefit more than  53 villages 4 district and a total area of over 5827 acres 4 Districts. This will provide the people  a better quality of life and further stability.


For more information, please visit http://www.weloverta.org/en.

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