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Goodbye manual food waste tracking.

Tacoma, WA. With 20 years of applied knowledge and research on the deep costs of industrial food waste, Feed Commodities LLC and Normandy Waste Management Systems are pleased to announce their latest 2015 service plan, Normandy 2.0.  The goal: actually add value to the food waste processing industry with streamlined, user-friendly waste tracking software. Best of all, it is completely client-driven, based upon years of client input and completely unique performance indicators.

Normandy Waste Management Systems has built its services on the philosophy, “identify, communicate, and reduce.” Supervisors on the floor to managers at the corporate level receive unlimited, live access to identify waste streams by type, line and shift. With the ability to view live performance data, the workforce is empowered to communicate where a facility processes the most food waste. Using Normandy 2.0 software, the facility can establish food waste reduction goals and focus on effectively allocating time and resources.

 In a recent case study at Normandy WMS, a client producing 175 tons of food waste/month identified the type, line, and shift of the key wasted ingredients, monitoring long-term trends and building target “waste goals” to measure progress. Using the Normandy 2.0 weight-to-cost tool (pinpointing the actual value of the waste stream), the client realized $64,000/month on wasted ingredients or an equivalent of $248,000 in lost sales/month.

Jose, of Mission Foods, Fife, comments, “Normandy WMS has proven to be very supportive in helping us monitor our waste trends, identify areas of opportunity, and the reconciliation of reports.”

The release of Normandy 2.0 offers a mobile responsive web-based design creating versatility for unlimited users to login from any device to a cloud-based server. Jerry from Lineage Logistics shares, “when I am out of the office, I highly value the ability to remotely see our waste streams from the web.”

While Normandy WMS continues to offer the option of exporting waste data, its latest addition to the software brings weekly customizable food waste statistics directly to the client email inbox. Designed for a quick glance and minimal investment of time, the client has access to share the data across the entire sustainability team in a simple, automated format.

At Normandy WMS, services are deliberately designed to meet client needs and overcome the challenges of food waste. In the food manufacturing industry, a daunting requirement (and cost) to clients is the logistical nightmare of quickly removing waste streams to mitigate a bottleneck in operations. The Normandy 2.0 “Total Container Weight” gauge and “2-Step Hauler Alert” feature monitors the weight of the client’s waste, sending the client/and or hauler an email/text trigger notification at 85% and 100% full to allow for timely dispatch. A client can track long-term waste disposal servicing, ensure more efficient operations and avoid paying unnecessary trip or fuel surcharges.

Normandy Waste Management Systems is located in Tacoma, Washington and offers waste management solutions to large food processors and food manufacturers. Interested in positively employing your green waste management plan with Normandy 2.0 software? Visit Normandy Waste Management Systems at www.normandywms.com or contact us at 888.602.9259. 



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