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Genius Academy To Offer Veterans Free Training To Help Jump Start Entrepreneurial Success


                 April 20, 2015 –   Genius Academy ™ is giving veterans the chance to build their dream business by offering access to the complete Genius Academy program free thru September 2015.


As a thank you for their dedication and service, Genius Academy ™ (a division of Leveaux Group) is giving back to the veterans with services including: coaching, business startup tools and informative videos that are designed to boost revenue and positively impact the entrepreneur.


“As a veteran and an active member in the armed services,  I felt it was important to honor the men and women who serve and want to start building a business,” Chief Genius Activator, Asa Leveaux said.


Genius Academy ™ is a place where you don’t only learn what it takes to succeed in your industry but also a place where you are supported by others in your endeavors. With a wide range of resources, a supportive community and valuable courses, participants are guaranteed to not only grow from this promotion but also sustain long term success.


“It’s a great way to get knowledge to entrepreneurs starting out,” Leveaux continued, “We also have content for those who have been established and those who have been successful for more than 3 years because we know everyone needs a refresher course or even to know what’s current in marketing trends and more.”


Genius Academy ™ Armed Services promotion is set to begin Friday May 1, 2015 and will continue until October 1, 2015. For more information about Genius Academy ™, please visit www.geniusacademy.co


About Genius Academy:

Genius Academy ™ is a division of the Leveaux Group and is intended to serve as the solution for today’s aspiring and frustrated entrepreneurs. Here you can find trainings by Asa Leveaux, Chief Genius Activator™.

Invest in your future with comprehensive virtual classes to get your desired result.


About The Leaveaux Group:
Leveaux Group, Inc is a privately held holding company that is committed to providing service through different global initiatives.

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