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The goal of writing and submitting any press release is to announce something new or forthcoming convincingly enough so that others will jump on the bandwagon and disseminate the news further. However, many who put forth the effort to perfect a well-written press release fail to see it perform. The crafting of an effective press release is just one half of the puzzle for getting the best reach in announcing marketable news. The other half is choosing a channel for distribution that will put one’s well-crafted release in plain view of journalists, bloggers, and others who are part of the wished for domino effect of dissemination chain.

When bloggers or journalists are not paying attention to your press release online, it isn’t always safe to assume that the content is the major issue. Some distribution channels lure customers in to using their service with promises of grandiose marketing that typically amounts to zero ROI. Although there are sometimes challenges to getting even the most exceptional press releases read by major influencers, the fact remains that using the right channels of distribution significantly boosts the probability that these will be seen by a specified target audience.

So, where does one find the “right” or ideal press release distribution channel for their needs? Doing some shopping around is necessary to determine the best match, but there are a few key elements to look for in any chosen service. Services that offer SEO, and social media optimization are recommended by marketing experts because both help extend reach to those actively searching for specified types of news and information online. Also, those that allow customers to send as few or as many press releases as needed in accordance with their specified budget warrant flexibility in distribution. One other key consideration is whether a distribution platform provides clients with data to show where their release was sent and feedback elicited from it. Services that provide distribution reports to customers help build trust that they are keeping up with their end of the bargain. has an array of distribution options for those seeking an effective press release distribution service that works well with practically any budget or outreach requirement. By visiting, companies can register for a free account and begin the process of reaching the masses with their press releases today!

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