07/31/2015 // Hartford, CT, USA // cttriallawyers // Neil Ferstand // (press release)

In our continuing effort to inform and educate Connecticut Legislators on the importance and extent to which the civil justice system enters our lives, legislators this week received a variety of news items beginning with a piece from the Consumer Federation of America. In an exhaustive study CFA has found that insurance companies regularly and unfairly vary their product pricing based on marital status. The CFA has called upon all state insurance regulators to look closely at this unfair practice and correct the inequity.

In addition, insurance regulators in Florida are being challenged by medical malpractice insurance carrier; The Doctors Company (TDC). Florida regulators found that TDC’s malpractice insurance rates for doctors were excessive and called for a 15% reduction. An independent actuarial study in Connecticut found a similar pattern of excessive rates and extremely high corporate profits with no visible relief to doctors.

Additional stories shed light on the dangers of stretch limousines, drug side effects not timely reported to the FDA and a close look at the widespread discrimination which gave rise to the Americans with Disabilities Act.