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The US housing market is at an eight year high.  According to a recent Fannie Mae forecast, total home sales in 2015 is expected to hit 5.75 million.  With the housing market being so welcoming, Washington State Kitchen and Bath announce expanded services to compliment the growing homeowners audience.  The company’s goal is to support homeowners in this host market, allowing sellers to increase the value of their home to get maximum asking price, or for new homeowners to turn their home the one of their dreams.

Erin Belmore, General Contractor of Washington State Kitchen and Bath, comments. “With how hot the housing market is right now, home inventory is turning fast.  Homeowners can get the biggest bang for their buck with a remodel.”  He continues.  “It’s not uncommon for a $10,000 remodel to immediately increase a home’s value by $20,000.  Now that’s a fast return on your investment.”

Washington State Kitchen and Bath provides quality construction services for remodels, additions, restoration, and new construction. The company has maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau since 2005 and has been accepted as a VA Approved Contractor, (Builder ID 2322).

According to BloombergBusiness, investors are leaving the market.  This opens up housing inventory and more options for new buyers, and the share of first-time buyers is holding strong around 30 percent. This means that buyers are driven by existing homeowners willing to sell.  This is a perfect opportunity for homeowners to remodel, increase their home’s asking price, and capitalize on a sellers’ market.

“There’s a big opportunity for homeowners looking to sell.  It’s been said that the job market has strengthened over the past year, adding 3 million to the workforce.  That’s a lot of people with new or increased funds that are looking to buy.”  He continues.  “It’s important to repair or improve spaces within your home to make it as desirable to a buyers as possible.”

The company offers a full suite of services, the newest of which is water and fire damage restoration.  Mr. Belmore’s restoration operations aim to repair damaged spaces to original condition or to improve them beyond original condition, making improvements, upon client requests.

Erin Belmore’s Washington State Kitchen and Bath focuses on a second area of service, too; remodeling.  Washington State Kitchen and Bath’s restoration and remodel services work together to create a seamless experience for clients. Taking a bathroom from stale to stylish or remodeling any other part of a home can now be a rewarding and stress-free experience.  Erin Belmore’s Washington State Kitchen and Bath has the expertise and experience to fulfill basic to dramatic transformations at an affordable cost.

For those considering selling their home to take advantage of the growing housing market, consider making it look more desirable to buyers. Contact Washington State Kitchen and Bath today for a free consultation and discuss what remodeling possibilities would maximize the home’s value the most.  To schedule a free, no pressure, in-home consultation, and free estimate, interested parties should contact Erin Belmore, General Manager, at (800) 935-5524.


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