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CD & Power Announces Big Celebration for a Big Man!

Hundreds gathered at New Hope International Church in Concord on Wednesday to celebrate the life of Charles “Chuck” Uischner.  Chuck will be best remembered for his uncanny ability to be a friend to everyone. The employees of CD & Power, the company Chuck founded 30 years ago, lined the streets leading into the church in a show of love and respect.  Chuck”s son Don, Vice President and minority shareholder, was overwhelmed watching the trucks pass in front of the church.  “They just kept coming.  It was incredible.”

Pastor Jeff Kenney oversaw the service.  He talked of a simple man who loved God.  He talked of a man with a big dream and a truck named Flubber.  That simple beginning has grown into CD & Power, Northern California’s Largest Independent Generator Service Company.

Jill Collaro, CD & Power’s President and majority owner, spoke of her father’s impact.  Years ago upon entering an elevator, he waited for the doors to close and then turned around and said “How’s everybody doing today?” The people now facing him were forced to give a “How you doin?” back.  He loved people. Strangers were only that for a moment.  “The minute he got your name, then you were a friend to my Dad”, stated Collaro. “He liked to plant big seeds with anyone he came in contact with.  Asking the kid sweeping the floor at the local grocery store, ‘Hey Tommy, you gonna own this place someday?'”

Chuck was married to Jannett Uischner for 55 years.  “Gator,” as he lovingly referred to her, was the rock in Chuck’s life.  Jannett has been active in the business for over 20 years and continues to come to work every day.

General Manager, Lisa Carter, worked for Chuck for over 23 years.  She spoke of Chuck’s desire to make everyone better and giving them the tools to be lifelong learners.  “Although Chuck’s management role decreased as he transitioned the business to his children, he would come into the shop every day to check in with the ‘troops’.”  Just one month ago, he was present greeting customers, friends and vendors as CD & Power celebrated its 30th year in business.”

While the family is saddened at the loss of such an influential figure, they are excited about continuing his amazing legacy.  Chuck was a big man.  Big in stature, big in thought, big in heart and big in his love for the Lord.  He will be missed in a big way.

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