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Twitter marketing expert outlines benefits for businesses that incorporate social listening into their marketing strategies.

Although growing in popularity, social listening isn’t a trendy phrase on the tip of everyone’s tongue, but it is a highly important element of business marketing strategies today. What exactly is it? Social listening can be defined as the process of identifying information being relayed in conversations on social networks and online about a person, entity, product, service, brand, etc. The name is sometimes used interchangeably with social media listening and social media monitoring. So why is it so important?

According to Twitter marketing expert Sarah Beacom of SocialCentiv, “there is so much unstructured data produced by conversations on Internet sources that social listening is vital to singling out which ones are relevant to the needs of businesses that engage in social media marketing.” SocialCentiv is a company that developed a Twitter marketing tool that performs social listening for businesses. The process is essential for understanding the intentions of customers and prospects in order to make marketing efforts successful Beacom further suggests.

Key Benefits of Social Listening for Businesses

In a recent blog on SocialCentiv’s website, Beacom outlines three key benefits of engaging in the process when using Twitter and other social networks. Beacom writes, “Whether you’re a social marketing firm or a business using social media for marketing, there are several reasons why every company can benefit from applying social listening behaviors and tools to their marketing strategy.”

The social media marketing expert says that every social media marketing strategy needs social listening in order to:

  • Be proactive in finding business prospects – Social data mining is an outreach approach that helps businesses find the specific types of conversations they are looking for in order to connect with potential customers, and not waste time on conversations that are irrelevant to what they have to offer.

  • Understand target audiences – Social listening helps businesses get into the minds of target audiences by hearing directly from them what their wants and needs are.

  • Connect with prospective customers in a timely manner – Real time connectivity is a major benefit of social listening because it enables customers to take immediate action, and present an offer when a prospect expresses their intention to make a purchase.

The are social listening tool options available like SocialCentiv that are designed to help business marketers facilitate social listening conveniently, without forcing them to spend hours manually combing through conversations on social media. The company is currently offering a free trial for those who would like to test drive their tool to see how it works.

For more information about SocialCentiv’s free trial visit the company online.

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