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On July 29th,  2015, Amergy Solar, a New York solar provider, sent customer service representatives to Staten Island to meet and greet recent customers for feedback on their experience.


Phillip, a retired New York City fireman who had worked in the 9/11 cleanup crew, and his wife, Linda Sabella were impressed with Amergy’s efficiency. They complimented Amergy for responding immediately to all of their questions. “The transition was amazing. We’ve never had anything go so amazingly well and smoothly,” Philip said. Amergy was honored to meet the Sabellas.


Robert and Randy Lane spoke not only on Amergy’s customer service but also on the beneficial impact of going solar. They described how their electric bill had been reduced upon activation of their solar panels, enabling them to pursue their hobbies. “I’ve been singing Amergy’s praises since the day the solar panels went in,” Robert said. “I give Amergy’s number out to anyone who is interested. They’re all asking me about it and I’m telling them it’s great.”


Robert Castro, a police vehicle specialist at General Motors, talked about his belief that investing in solar energy is a wise decision. “The product we have is what we need in this country,” Castro stated. “I have always believed in solar. We are very happy with it.” He also commended Amergy’s values of professionalism.


Sanela Djencic, a mother of two and an environmentalist, offered a glowing review. “This company is really going somewhere,” Djencic affirmed. “Everyone I know who has done [solar] is very happy. It sounds too good to be true.”


Thomas and Linda Carroll, business owners of a pest control corporation, praised the attentiveness of Amergy employees. From one business to another, the managers of the AAA Thrifty Exterminating Corp recognized Amergy as an excellent company worth recommending to their family and friends.


Hoping to forge more personal connections with customers, Amergy Solar has confirmed the possibility of future customer service trips.


About Amergy Solar

As a full service energy company, Amergy Solar transforms everyday homeowners into clean energy users and producers. Our program coordinators provide quality expertise and our highly trained professionals handle all aspects of the process including sales, installation, and servicing.


For more information on Amergy Solar, call (888) 902-2295 or visit www.amergysolar.com.


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