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Texas discrimination lawyers discuss how a move by an anti-sexism group at a World Cup parade helps shine a light on a major civil rights issue in the U.S.




Pay discrimination based on gender is one national workplace inequality concern that continues to make headlines as advocacy groups fight to close the gender pay gap found prevalent in many professions. A recent TIME Magazine report about an anti-sexism group’s plan to protest wage inequality at a parade held in celebration of the USA Women’s National Team’s 2015 Women’s World Cup win helps shed light on issues surrounding income disparities between men and women in certain professions. According to article the group UltraViolet made plans to carry a banner in the parade to call for equal pay for women in the professional sport.


Source: TIME Report “Anti-Sexism Group Will Fly Equal Pay Banner Over World Cup Parade”


“The group has been calling on FIFA to hike pay for women since February, but has increased pressure in light of the USA team’s World Cup win. The women’s team received $2 million for their World Cup win, significantly less than the $8 million the men’s team got after losing in the first round.”


To read more visit http://time.com/3952321/fifa-womens-world-cup-parade-banner-sexism/.


This issue of pay discrimination based on gender is one felt by women in a number of professions throughout the U.S. It was also brought into heavy media focus last year when a U.S. senatorial race candidate was accused of pay discrimination by hundreds of workers. At the time of his run for Senate, David Perdue, a Republican Senator from Georgia made efforts to defend himself against allegations that he paid male managers more than female ones, while CEO of a well-known retail chain. This issue at the time sparked major controversy.


David Perdue Dismisses Pay Discrimination Lawsuit: ‘It Was Less Than 2,000’ Women


“David Perdue, Georgia’s Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, defended himself Sunday night against charges that he paid female managers less than male ones when he was CEO of Dollar General, saying “it was less than 2,000 people” who brought the lawsuit against the company.”




The issue was initially brought to light when over 2,000 current and former female employees of the Dollar General Corporation alleged that they had been underpaid in comparison with their male counterparts. An investigation by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission found that while Perdue was CEO of the company, some female workers had indeed been paid less.


Source: Mother Jones Report “GOP Senate Candidate Led Company Slammed for Gender Pay Discrimination”


“…three years into Perdue’s four-plus years as Dollar General’s CEO, federal investigators at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission found that female store managers who worked for the company he ran “were discriminated against,” and “generally were paid less than similarly situated male managers performing duties requiring equal skill, effort, and responsibility.”


To read more, visit http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2014/05/georgia-senate-david-perdue-gender-pay-discrimination-lawsuit?utm_source=huffingtonpost.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=pubexchange_article.


The case led to a multimillion-dollar class action win for the female employee complainants. Although pay discrimination based on gender persists in spite of the best efforts of advocacy groups in a long fought battle for workplace equality, the use of legal avenues and continuing to put media focus on such cases is helpful ammunition. As illustrated by the outcome of the Perdue case there are legal options available for members of protected classes when it comes to enforcing their rights for equality in the workplace.


Discrimination in the workplace can occur in a number of forms. According to Texas employment discrimination lawyer Carson Croft of the Eberstein & Witherite law firm, sometimes the most effective way to deal with pay discrimination is enforcement of equal rights through legal avenues. Says Croft, “this is true with any type of major discrimination case, where egregious acts like underpaying workers based on their gender is ongoing.”


An employment lawyer who advocates for victims of employment discrimination can help ensure that reports are made to the EEOC for review for an investigation, and that other steps are taken to protect the rights of employees. Individuals who feel they may have a valid cause of legal action against an employer who is engaging in pay discrimination can contact an attorney for more information about their legal options in regards to their specific case.


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