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Dallas employment lawyer Keith Clouse knows that many business leaders don’t hold employee evaluations in high regard. They are tedious and time-consuming to prepare and may seem inconsequential in light of the other items on a business leader’s agenda. But, when a former employee sues the company, the individual’s past evaluations move to the forefront. Here, Mr. Clouse asks employers to avoid these mistakes when evaluating employees.

  • Lack of detail. Employee evaluations should be thorough and specific. If an employee is not performing as well as he should, the employer needs to provide concrete examples of the employee’s inadequacies. If an employee does a particular task well, the reviewer should acknowledge the employee’s skill set.
  • Failure to document problems. An employee should never be broadsided by a termination for performance issues. As a corollary, if sued for discrimination, an employer’s decision to terminate an employee for performance issues gains credibility if the employer can back that decision with documented evidence of the employee’s inadequacies.
  • Inconsistency. Employee reviews should happen on a set schedule so that all employees are reviewed regularly. An employee should be given notice and time to prepare before an evaluation.

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