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Chattanooga, TN – Chattanooga based cosmetic surgery practice Southern Surgical Arts has achieved Allergan Black Diamond Member status, which is the highest level of recognition awarded by the Allergan Partner Privileges Program. “Dedicated to the art and science of cosmetic and facial plastic surgery,” the practice has been a member of Allergan’s APP Program since 2011.

About Allergan

Allergan is a multi-billion dollar diversified global pharmaceutical company that has an impressive brand portfolio consisting of multiple key therapeutic categories. Included on the list are dermatology and aesthetics. With regard to its portfolio, the company states on its website, “Supporting these blockbuster franchises is the company’s industry-leading U.S. sales force with extraordinary marketing reach and increased relevance with primary care physicians and specialists.”

The company’s global headquarters is in Dublin, Ireland and its U.S. Administrative headquarters is based in New Jersey.

Recognizing the Top Elite Plastic Surgery Practices in the United States

The Allergan APP program honors esteemed cosmetic surgery leaders who have demonstrated excellence in performing a significant number of aesthetic procedures including Botox® Cosmetic, Latisse®, breast implants and more. Since 2004, the Southern Surgical Arts team of Dr. Carey Nease and Dr. Chad Deal have performed more than 11,500 cosmetic surgery procedures. Allergan Black Diamond members are deemed among the most elite cosmetic and plastic surgery practices in the United States, being included in the top one percent in the field.

About Southern Surgical Arts

Southern Surgical Arts is led by two of the most renowned cosmetic and facial surgeons in Chattanooga. Both Dr. Nease and Dr. Deal are fellowship trained and board certified, and have won awards in their field. The two have years of experiencing in helping patients achieve a diverse range of aesthetic goals through the application of innovative cosmetic and facial surgery.  

More information about Southern Surgical Arts, or how to receive a consultation for a specific cosmetic procedure offered by the practice can be found by visiting



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