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Newport Beach, California: In their second episode, ChoiceTV explores the role of women in the Orange County business world. Business correspondent, Ky Sisson, goes hands-on to introduce viewers to a smattering of the diversity found the area. He is joined by Tony Cabrerra and Megan Wright as ChoiceTV highlights the accomplishments and services these women provide. The following women offer valuable insight and knowledge during this episode:

  • Soto Law Group, founded by R. DeDe Soto, works exclusively within the estate planning sector to help the residents of Orange County, and the surrounding areas, protect their assets. 
  • Michelle Kop, from GMR Web Team, provides a little insight on how the company can help other businesses of all sizes, and from a range of industries, enjoy an increase in sales and exposure — two necessary elements of success today.
  • A top Orange Country realtor with Century 21 Beachside, Mary Lou Adame-Martinez strives to provide outstanding customer service. She shares her strategies for doing so and explains why it is so important. 
  • I-Deal Lifestyle owner and operator, Marla Stone, provides an array of services designed to help businesses increase their production as well as the satisfaction of their employees. 
  • Dr. Kari Young’s practice focuses on treating her patients at the root of the problem: within their cells. 
  • Lisa A. Walker, an Action Coach, provides coaching strategies for those businesses who are ready to reach the next level. 

A special appearance by Madonna Quinn, executive producer of ChoiceTV, delivers visionary observations that are critical to businesses today. Displaying a forward-thinking set of skills that are designed to propel today’s businesses to the forefront of their respective industries, she provides solid advice and concrete answers for doing so.

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