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NFL star Terrell Owens spoke with ChoiceTV during the 26th annual Night of 100 Stars Oscars Party about his decision to receive stem cell treatment for an ACL injury several years ago.

Owens, who played wide receiver for six National Football League teams during his storied pro career, hurt his left anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), during the 2011 offseason. About three months into his recovery, and frustrated by the slow recovery, in consultation with Cincinnati Bengals medical staff Owens began researching using stem cell treatments to accelerate his recovery.

Following his investigation, Owens decided to travel to South Korea, where he had a stem cell injection procedure done. During his research, Owens reported feeling improvement within 1-2 weeks of the procedure and credits Nygard’s treatment with accelerating his recovery safely and legally.

Owens was a six-time Pro Bowl selection who played 15 years in the NFL. He holds numerous NFL and franchise records, including being the only NFL player in history to score two touchdowns against each team. He led the league three times in total receiving yards and averaged a touchdown per game in three seasons. He was only the third player to ever record 150 career touchdowns and also only the third player to have 15,000 career receiving yards.

About Nygard Biotech

Founded by global fashion executive Peter NygardNygard Biotech explores the therapeutic benefits of embryonic stem cells, Nygard has recruited medical leaders from around the world to partner in these efforts. Nygard hopes to build an extensive stem cell clinic in the Bahamas to treat diseases and improve longevity.

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Based in Lake Forest, Calif., ChoiceTV provides business marketing through the production and airing of professional commercials and videos. It provides clients with commercials that are shown on its ChoiceTV Show, which combines sitcom, talk show and reality show elements to promote your business.

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