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Restoration Community Church, has launched a new home-based church in Pasadena, California called “The House to Home Gathering”, a non-denominational church that will offer people throughout Pasadena, and especially those in its immediate community, a vibrant place that gathers at the pastor’s home, to pray for each other, to spend time in God’s Word, to praise and worship, break bread, talk, share meals together and reach out to its local community.

“This type of church may seem new, but its origins go back to the earliest days of the Christian church, where believers met primarily in each other’s homes,” says Pastor Nick Gonzales.

While the official launch date is Saturday, April 2, 2016, the new church plans to reach out to the community this spring with a neighborhood BBQ, and a home-group program that nurtures spiritual development.

The lead pastor, Nick Gonzales, who grew up in Eagle Rock, is humbled by the opportunity to serve this city and the people of Restoration Community Church. 

“I am just amazed at the opportunity to be a part of something as effectual as this happening in the city I love and know so well. There is an unlikely family forming at Restoration Community Church, a community of people with diverse stories and backgrounds that are being drawn together for a greater purpose. God is writing a story here in Pasadena, California that only he could write, bringing together a church that is passionate about seeing anyone far from God restored to a new life in Christ.”

 “We want to create a sense of closeness and fellowship with Jesus Christ and among the members of this new church, and the word ‘restoration’ connotes that kind of relationship,” says Nick Gonzales. “But what’s just as important, if not more important, is the sense of community we want to develop with people in the neighborhoods that surround us. Located in the vibrant city of Pasadena, California we want people to view us and use us as a resource that’s vital to their spiritual growth.”

“Our dream is to be a church where the barriers to discovering God and His infinite goodness are removed, and people can make real and refreshing changes in their lives,” says Pastor Nick Gonzales.

Those interested in learning more about Restoration Community Church, and their services, are invited to visit the church’s Facebook page:

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