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Zyno Medical, LLC, a global medical device manufacturer, focused on IV infusion pumps, patient safety and providing clinical workflow improvements will feature the Integrated Infusion System, ZynoFlo, at this year’s ONS 41st Annual Conference, April 28 – May 1 in San Antonio, TX.   

Zyno Medical’s ZynoFlo wireless integrated cloud-based system that is specifically designed to provide nursing workflow efficiency, patient safety, and revenue-related benefits. The integrated system relies on the established reliability and durability of the Z-800WF ZynoFlo enabled infusion pump to complete the clinical workflow and the wireless integrated system. The ZynoFlo system is the latest advancement in oncology infusion technology for community-based oncology practices and hospital oncology infusion centers.

ZynoFlo bridges the gap between drug dispensing systems, infusion therapy processes, and EMR systems by creating a connected flow of in-patient-context information between these systems and processes. As a clinical and administrative tool, ZynoFlo optimizes nursing workflow productivity and patient throughput while enhancing patient safety and enabling nurses to spend more time with patients. In addition, the automatic capture and documentation of billing information provides productivity benefits and unprecedented confidence in revenue capture and billing accuracy. ZynoFlo also provides analytical and reporting tools that enable the visibility, accountability and measurement that can serve as the foundation for clinical and operational continuous process improvement initiatives.

“We are excited to participate in the ONS 41st Annual Conference.” said Dr. Chaoyoung Lee, the president and CEO of Zyno Medical, LLC. “We feel that the ZynoFlo Integrated System can be a significant solution to automate the nursing workflow and help the nurse focus on point-of-care infusion administration.”

Please visit us at Booth #1121 to find out more about Zyno Medical infusion solutions.


About Zyno Medical, LLC
Zyno Medical was founded in 2007. The company received its 510(k) FDA clearance for its first large volume infusion pump product in October 2007. Zyno Medical’s market focus is the alternate care market where there is a need for durable, advanced technology infusion pumps designed specifically for the infusion needs that are unique to this market. Since its inception, the company has assembled a vast wealth of engineering talent, clinical experience, customer and market expertise. Zyno Medical’s headquarters is in Natick, Massachusetts.

The mission of Zyno Medical is to design and manufacture the most advanced infusion systems while applying a commitment to quality, simplicity, durability, connectivity and upgradability in order to deliver extraordinary benefits in patient safety, work flow efficiency and low total cost of ownership. For more information, please visit

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