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Life and Food Inc., an online store dedicated to the provision and sale of high-quality supplements, has recently released a comprehensive guide detailing the role that probiotics may play in helping people lose weight and create a healthier lifestyle for themselves. The newly-published guide uses peer-reviewed scientific studies to show how probiotics can help to improve gut health, which in turn contributes to overall wellness and possible weight loss. The guide has been published on Life and Food’s blog and is available for visitors and customers to read.

Daniel, a spokesperson for the Life and Food brand, commented “Because fad diets and new supplements always seem to be flooding the market, it can be difficult for consumers to know which of them will actually help them achieve their health and fitness goals. We realize that probiotics pills have received a lot of attention lately, and we’ve published this new guide in order to help people filter out the truth about whether or not these types of supplements can play a role in helping them get rid of stubborn fat and drop their unwanted pounds.”

Life & Food’s guide to probiotics for men and women begins with a discussion of the science behind probiotic supplements. It explains in detail the proper balance of gut bacteria in our digestive system and how negative health effects – including problems with appetite control and nutrient absorption – can arise when that balance is thrown off. The guide also introduces new research from The British Journal Of Nutrition that details how participants in a 24-week study who took probiotics lost almost twice as much weight on average as those who did not.

As Daniel goes on to say, “No one here at Life & Food believes that a probiotic will ever be a magic pill or cure-all for obesity, but we do want to make people aware of the possible role that this digestive health supplement can play in improving their health and helping them find success on their weight loss journey. With all of the misinformation that continues to circulate online, our goal is to present facts that will truly be beneficial to those seeking a better life.”

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