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IsItUp.com addresses the issue of unloved and undermanaged fixed assets, explains Andrew Diamond, the firm’s co-founder. “We have found that companies both big and small have the same issue. Millions, if not billions of dollars are invested in fixed assets such as computers, furniture, software, and equipment, yet these assets aren’t being tracked. Instead of being properly maintained, they could be lost in a storage cupboard somewhere. Our mission is to help companies save money by optimising asset value and providing simple, yet valuable reporting.”

Nic Lim, managing partner at 8capita “We are championing fixed assets and their stakeholders in enterprises. There is a clear opportunity in Asia for us to lead the way and support macro initiatives around risk management, compliance, and fixed asset management.” 

The company’s cloud solution offers enterprises the ability to seamlessly track and manage their assets through a web interface and iOS or Android mobile apps.This ensures maximum utilization and better return-on-investment for a company’s fixed assets. In addition, the platform helps businesses keep organized, digital audit trails that can be easily stored and exported without digging through stacks of paper.

Besides its powerful cloud management solution, the IsItUp.com team also offers onsite onboarding services, including tagging, sorting through licenses, and uploading all asset information to the platform. IsItUp.com additionally provides a QR code stickers and network scanning capabilities. All businesses need to do is scan an asset’s QR code, and all the information is available at their fingertips.

IsItUp.com’s cloud platform combined with its support services solves many business headaches, from accounting to auditing to utilisation to reporting. Now, businesses have an effective yet simple system to track billions of dollars in fixed assets that many fail to manage effectively.

Khailee Ng, the managing partner of 500 Startups, is confident about the investment. He says, “What company does not have fixed assets? Every company in the world has plenty, this huge opportunity is right in front of our eyes and this team is going to set the new default for this space.” 

Next steps for IsItUp.com include introducing insurance reporting so clients can easily tell if they are over or underinsured, a universal pain point for many businesses. Other upcoming features include software licence management , as well as a help desk.

To learn more about IsItUp.com or how the firm can help clients effectively track and manage assets, visit http://www.IsItUp.com

Contact: Andrew Diamond

Name: IsItUp Dotcom Pte Ltd
Web Address: http://www.IsItUp.com Email: [email protected] 


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