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Renewing Serum CE is the groundbreaking skin-care product that revives delicate skin around the eyes and reduces the visibility of fine lines, and other skin effects cause by aging. Because of the growing popularity of Renewing Serum CE, it was announced that the manufacturer, Beauty & Truth, is launching a new branding initiative. Restore the youthful glow and brightness of the skin with newly-branded Renewing Serum CE.

The VP of Product Development, Rebecca Thompson readily announces new branding of Renewing Serum CE by saying, “We have been carefully planning this new branding initiative. We are pleased to launch the product with its new and updated package and labels. The warm recognition we receive from the users all over the world gives us the motivation to make this product improvement a reality.”

The release of the improved packaging and branding of Renewing Serum CE is another benefit to the customer because it allows them to easily identify the product’s improved usage transparency and stylish packaging.

The unique creation of Renewing Serum CE is specially invented to make the skin soft and smooth without the appearance of expression lines. Due to the scorching heat from the sun, excessive stress and pollution, the skin can be greatly damaged which can cause unattractive features to show up. Renewing Serum CE enhances the health of the skin. The cutting edge anti-aging product can minimize visible fine lines, lessen wrinkles and remove dark under-eye circles. It commands the skin to produce a huge amount of collagen and elastin to firmly shape up the face.

The skin is one of the most delicate parts of the body. When people age, skin matures, too. Don’t let skin show the body’s age. Renewing Serum CE minimizes skin wear and reinvigorates the skin for a youthful appearance. The remarkable ingredients of Renewing Serum CE give the skin a brighter and moisturized look. Maintain a youthful radiance and smoothness of the skin with Renewing Serum CE. It’s natural, mild ingredients won’t harm the skin. To learn more about the importance of skin moisture and nourishment, or to learn more about Renewing Serum CE’s rebranding, visit

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