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Erase Repair HA is a luxury anti-aging cream in the field of skin care. The product addresses aging and maturing skin. After successful testing, the manufacturer of Erase Repair HA, Beauty & Truth, is renewing the product line and rebranding it to target a larger market share. Despite the updated branding efforts, expect that Erase Repair HA will still be the same affordable anti-aging cream that the market has become familiar with.

Erase Repair HA is a remarkable innovation that drives away free radicals that cause rapid aging. It encourages compactness and suppleness of youthful skin, enhancing the skin’s beauty and health. The secret to the remarkable results brought by Erase Repair HA is Hyaluronic Acid, the “HA” in its name. This scientifically formulated product attempts to inhibit aging to present young looking skin.

“It is our main goal to offer our valued customers something new and fresh without altering the effective quality of our product. The market’s warm recognition to Erase Repair HA led us to develop new and improved packaging, branding and labels. We are excited to release this new improvement and upgrade to our committed and future customers” VP of Product Development, Rebecca Thompson proudly remarks.

The skin deserves the best treatment because of the daily abuse that it takes. Since the skin is exposed to intense stress and pollution, the skin suffers too much. To bring back the radiance of the skin, treat it with Erase Repair HA, the ideal solution to old and haggard skin. The new branding initiative of Erase Repair HA aims to give a new image to Erase Repair HA without changing its ability to renew, nourish and revive the youthful glow of the skin. To know more about the new package branding of Erase Repair HA, visit and explore the revolutionary skin care product lines of Beauty & Truth.

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