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DBM Solar is a reputable solar energy company based north of Salt Lake City, Utah that specializes in PV system design and solar consulting that pertain to effective solar panel installations. With society’s growing interest in solar system installation and DBM Solar’s expertise in the field, the company announces the expansion of their services into key locations that include Florida, Oregon, and Washington state.

Prior to the installation of any photovoltaic (PV) system, residential and commercial engineers conduct varying studies, including shade analysis and feasibility studies. Furthermore, engineering studies are undertaken to understand the scope of required wind resistance and snow loads of solar panel installation locations, as required by local and state regulatory bodies. While solar installation companies are required to engage in these proactive studies, they do not always conduct them internally. Instead, solar installation companies contract with PV system design companies like DBM Solar. The studies conducted by DBM Solar help solar installation companies evaluate if a solar energy project is feasible, safe, and is likely to generate a positive ROI.

Presently, there are little-to-no Federal requirements surrounding safety or solar permitting. What is more common is that individual states, cities or counties have their own regulations regarding solar energy installations, whether for residential or commercial buildings. Getting engineering approval for a solar project can be dependent on overlapping regulatory bodies and authorities. With different standards at each level of regulation, it is common to have to submit varying papers for each regulatory jurisdiction. DBM Solar consults directly with each jurisdiction in order to get the necessary engineering papers drafted and feasibility studies submitted in compliance with the different but overlapping governing bodies and engineering requirements. With such a complex nesting of regulations, it’s no wonder that few solar engineering companies have the experience in conducting studies and in submitting permit sets for PV design projects that DBM Solar has.

DBM Solar keeps up with the industry, not only in terms of technology but also with state and local solar permitting requirements prior to project implementation. Headquartered in Utah, DBM Solar not only ensures that their solar proposals include required governing body studies, but also feasibility studies and shade analysis to ensure customers get a return on their investment. DBM Solar is an innovative solar energy proponent leading the way in solar proposal services. To learn more about their services areas or to schedule a solar consultation, visit or call 1-801-690-4873 today.

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