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Wishing U Well, an established US-based health and wellness retailer has partnered with Dead Sea Warehouse to become its exclusive Amazon distributor. Wishing U Well believes that health and wellness lead to a life of endless opportunities. The company’s latest partnership with Dead Sea Warehouse emphasizes their initiatives to bring their customers a diverse selection of health-conscious goods at affordable prices.

Dead Sea Warehouse is a manufacturer of holistic products inspired by the Dead Sea, including soaps, bath salts, skin care, body lotion, foot care products, facial masks and more. Dead Sea Warehouse products seamlessly complement Wishing U Well’s goal of offering a wide selection of health and wellness products as its products center around the many positive health attributes of the mineral-rich Dead Sea.

Wishing U Well offers healthy alternatives to products that include natural deodorants, organic multivitamins, sports nutrition products, home care, natural face cleansers from Dead Sea Warehouse, and more. Wishing U Well’s founder, Tyler Patzel remarks on adding Dead Sea Warehouse inventory to their product portfolio. “Our respect for Dead Sea Warehouse’s products led to a unique opportunity for Wishing U Well to be their exclusive Amazon distributor. We know that our partnership with Dead Sea Warehouse is the right move for both parties. With Dead Sea Warehouse offering safe, healthy, natural products and our interest in delivering quality healthy product alternatives to the masses, our two teams can continue to make a positive impact in customers’ lives.”

Wishing U Well’s partnership will help Dead Sea Warehouse reach a broader audience while enhancing Wishing U Well’s already extensive inventory of health and wellness goods. For more information on Wishing U Well’s latest inventory, including Dead Sea Warehouse’s best selling natural moisturizer, visit For Amazon distributor inquiries call 1-877-887-1319 today.

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